I want to thank you for visiting our publication and promise I will do all in my power to provide you with the best and most accurate information on the practice of the Chinese, Tibetan and Eastern internal health and martial arts.

IAM Online Magazine is an online version of our award-winning paper publication published by Paper Lantern Publishing for over nine years. The new online IAM contains even more information with the addition of a number of highly knowledgeable guest authors, scientists, researchers and artist each considered to be a high-level practitioner of internal arts disciplines.

My belief is that we must move past ancient mysticism, pseudo-science, superstition and blind faith into a new paradigm explaining how these methods actually function and how to practice them correctly. My intention is to uplift these arts that have done so much for me to a higher standard that can stand the test of time and scientific scrutiny.

I hope you will find something of interest in the new IAM Online Magazine. Please join me in this adventure.

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John P. Painter PhD. ND