This video presents the scientific principles of producing power with the whole body. Dr. John Painter not only explains the details of how the structure of the body is set to produce the amazing abilities of internal martial arts masters, but he demonstrates how virtually anyone can accomplish this. No new age mysticism, no tricks, no illusions. Audience members are invited to test the principles out with the camera rolling. This is a must see video for anyone wanting to understand the reality of internal power.


Exploring the Structure for producing Jin (energy / power)

This new DVD explores the myth and reality of creating internal power for Chinese martial arts. In this the first of a series of programs on the Li family system of Yi-Zhang (mind/intention palm) a method derived from standing meditation training. We will focus on the concept of how to use the body and mind to produce Jin or internal force.

Dr. John Painter a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine and world-renowned Chinese internal martial arts teacher presents a factual look at the physical and mental concepts necessary for anyone in the Chinese martial arts to begin training for internal energy and power.

Dr. Painter demonstrates the methods you will need for understanding what it really means to “sink the Qi to the Dantian” and how to correctly use the mind and body to manifest the often misunderstood principle of intention (Yi) and heart (Xin) to create “Whole Body Energy”. He fully explains and instructs you in how to understand the physiology of the “Reverse Breath” principle to produce tremendously powerful pushing and striking energy for martial applications.


Also exercises that can be used by any martial artist from beginner to advanced level for training the basics of Jin-gong (power skill) to produce this amazing internal force.

Our experiential lecture and workshop on this DVD was recorded live in 2003 at the annual Zhan San Feng Festival in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania before an audience of over 100 internal arts teachers and students from around the world and is complemented by explanatory animations and artwork to help you demystify this often confusing subject.

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