About William C. Phillips

William C. Phillips, BA, (Brooklyn College ‘68) MS (St. Johns U, 75) was a student of Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing from 1970 – 1975 and was the most junior student to become a teacher in his school (1974).  He also studied Push Hands and Yang Family Form from 1988 to 1998 with Zhang Lu-ping.  He started in other martial arts in 1965 in which he holds several black belts. William began Taijiquan in 1967.

Mr. Phillips was an early spokesperson for Taijiquan, he has appeared in  magazines such as “Self,” “Men’s Health,”  “The Harvard Women’s Health Watch,” and many more where he also shares referrals to other Taijiquan teachers around the country. He also appeared in “USA Today” and on several cable TV shows, most notably the O’Reilly Report on Fox Cable News. Mr. Phillips has written numerous articles for magazines, notably Inside Kung Fu, and T’ai Chi.  He produced two DVD’s, one on CMC form and one on Push Hands, and appeared in the DVD “Best of American T’ai Chi.” He has been on the Board of Advisors of the American Society of Internal Arts (2003 – 2010).

Shifu William C. Phillips has taught many students, including gold medalist and USKSF Judge, Avi Schneier. 3 time USKSF Grand Champion of Push Hands, Mike Pekor, and many others who have won medals there, and who teach throughout the country. He teaches seminars at Taijiquan events and gatherings, including the Taijiquan Gala, and the Taiji Symposium, and has judged at numerous Taijiquan tournaments, including the Kuo Shu.

He has also demonstrated widely, including at the Oriental World of Martial Arts, in William Louie’s “Reincarnation of Bruce Lee” at the Felt Forum of Madison Square Garden (1977), and the American Athletic Games in NY’s Central Park in 1992.  He ran the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing weekend, to honor his teacher. In 1970 Mr. Phillips founded the Patience T’ai Chi Association in Brooklyn NY.  It is one of the longest continuously operating Taijiquan schools in the US. 

TO Contact William C. PhillipsPatience T’ai Chi Associationhttp://www.patiencetaichi.com