We offer you a unique Gong Fu Bed and Breakfast week or weekend intensive training programs in the internal health or martial art of your choice.

Tibetan and Daoist Meditation

Learn Quiet Sitting for martial arts, Daoist or Tibetan Dzogchen meditation for stress relief or spiritual development from Shifu John P. Painter.



Yi Xin-Gong Internal Power

The Chinese term translates as intention attitude mind skill. This is Dr. Painter’s modern concept for developing internal power, speed, and vitality. You can actually improve your physical strength and reaction time without weights or equipment by up to 25% with this method. It is scientifically tested and proven. Yi Xin-Gong is also being used in pain clinics and for muscle rehabilitation.


Featuring Li Family Nine Dragon Baguazhang (eight trigram palm boxing). This incredible method is both a martial art and lifestyle that truly benefits mind, body, and spirit.



Explore the Li Family Taijiquan. Programs in the Li Family form and push-hands for beginner through advanced levels.




Shape of intention boxing is one of the internal martial arts used by the Chinese military. Simple, direct, and incredibly powerful, this art should be learned by anyone interested in self-defense. Shifu Alan Marshall has over 30+ years experience in this art.



Learn the amazing Bagua Spring Rain Qigong. This method is being taught at Duke University in their cancer rehabilitation center. It’s a powerful method developing your internal health while stimulating the immune system and lymphatic flow.