We regret this decision, however the health and safety of our family, friends and employees has to be our first priority. Please be assured that most of us are still working on the magazine from home.

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Please keep yourself, family, friends and your community safe by observing the instructions of health officials. Below I have included an article by Dr. Yancy Orchard sent to all his patients and students concerning safe ways to avoid COVID-19 and a bonus internal art poem by our IAM resident poet Stephen Watson.

Thank You For Your Support and Understanding

John P. Painter PhD ND
Publisher IAM Online Magazine

Dealing With COVID-19 – Common Sense Internal Methods

Dr. Yancy Orchard

During this global Covid-19 crisis, the health, safety, and well-being of all our students, their loved ones, and in fact, of all people must be front-and-centre.

Understand that the most recent information indicates that expelled virus-laden droplets can viably persist in the air for 3 hours. You can be without symptoms for up to 24 days and be contagious during much of that time. While you may think you are young and have no real concerns, think about your parents, grandparents, the elderly, the immune-compromised, and those with comorbidities (comorbidity: In simple terms, comorbidity refers to the presence of more than one disorder in the same person. A person who is currently experiencing two illnesses at the same time.) You may be completely unaware someone else has this condition like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, cancer, etc. so be wise in your decisions especially when around others.

Follow the Who guidelines. Wash your hands. Limit unessential physical contact. Maintain a 6 foot or more proximity zone when in public. Avoid unessential travel. Stop touching your face. Cough into a Kleenex, throw it out and wash your hands. If you see someone coughing without following basic hygienic etiquette, teach them, ask them to leave, or remove yourself from their presence.

If you are into martial arts or qigong please keep training at home, but not to exhaustion as this can compromise your immune system. If you are doing Taijiquan, Bagauzhang, Xingyiquan or some form of daoyin (yoga) or qigong training focus on making slow fluid movements and avoid fast staccato actions. Practicing in this way will:

1. mechanically improve flushing of the lymphatic system
2. decrease overall stress, physically, mentally, emotionally
3. bias toward parasympathetic nervous system function
4. improve lung and diaphragmatic function
5. improve tissue circulation and waste removal
6. change the hormonal milieu in which you live
7. modify your thought patterns

All of these factors contribute to improving the function and general health of the body/mind. If you optimize your health, you have made your internal environment inhospitable to infectious agents. This is how things like internal martial arts, qigong, and daoyin create healthy practitioners. The arts you practice create health the same way eating good quality food, drinking clean water, breathing fresh air, having healthy relationships, and moving the body well does. So keep training. think of the benefits it has brought you this far… it will continue to pay off, but you must keep paddling.

These internal art practices are not magic cure-alls. Qigong, meditation and other internal practices can enhance your immune response which may make you less susceptible to invading bacteria or viral infections. This is a good thing and a weapon in your health arsenal, however beware of anyone selling or giving away magic breathing methods or pseudo-scientific cures for COVID-19. This is a very dangerous illness and the human body has no president for dealing with it. So use your head, you don’t suck magic energy up through crystals or fancy arm-waving, body wiggling, mystic chanting crap-doodle woo woo stuff. That is all pure malarkey and mindless drivel. Stay away from fiddle-faddle promises and charlatans.

If you are a teacher or part of a school I understand that it is disappointing to have classes cancelled. However as they say, “better safe than sorry!”. So please train. Make healthy choices. Oh, and Vitamin D3 has, historically, been shown to be very helpful in decreasing the incidence of upper respiratory infections (4-6000 IU/day for adults; 1-2000 IU/day for kids).Wash your damn hands!

Here are some practical methods for handling food and groceries.