You have my word that I will do all in my power to make this missive a valuable part of your learning experience in the Chinese internal arts. I have been personally studying these concepts since 1957 and teaching since 1972 so I have some little experience with the methods of my Shifu Li, Long-dao. As a former Chinese martial arts tournament judge, police tactical trainer, bodyguard and author of over 100 articles on Chinese Gong Fu and Tibetan philosophy both in national magazines and our own IAM Magazine we have collected a treasure trove of information gleaned from many of the “old school” sources. We have collected books, articles and conducted interviews with those who were close to the source. A number of our manuscripts and books on these subjects are no longer extant. I promise to try and present this material to you accurately and without prejudice.

I have also over the years spend much time and money investigating and being involved with scientific research into the phenomenon of Qi and Qigong as well as other forms of shamanistic healing and mystical phenomena from China, India and Tibet. I think that with my unique position and training as a former magician and hypnotist with a college minor is Psychology plus a PhD in Naturopathic medicine that I am very capable of spotting trickery and chicanery when it is present in these arts.

I believe that I am able to objectively and dispassionately examine these methods and provide a realistic non-mystical approach to understanding them. It is this and more I will try to provide for our readers in the coming issues. I cannot guarantee you will agree with all of my postulations but I do guarantee that all we say herein will be based upon firm personal and scientific research and long years of experience.

Thank You For Your Support
John P. Painter PhD ND
Shifu Daoqiquan Gong Fu Neijia