Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Chuan) is a health nourishing and soft style exercise system that appeared around the early 16th century in China. The art is a way to understand natural energy and power in the mind and body through stillness and movement.

Medicinal Benefits

Daily practice of Taijiquan forms will give you a profound sense of peace and well being. Medical research shows Taijiquan to be capable of stimulating both the immune and central nervous system, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, improving oxygen transport, increasing blood flow and gently toning muscles without strain. Taijiquan is an ideal exercise for men and women of any age or condition.

The health benefits of Taiqiquan are mental as well as physical. Learning to use the mind to heal the body, with specific physical movements and mental images that can be used to increase health is part of Taijiquan practice. This program takes you to the cutting edge of modern research as well as the scientific and medical basis drawn from Western and Chinese research into the healing principles of Taijiquan. You will discover how to use the correct practice of almost any style of the art to improve your life and health. Sound, reality based proven research, not “new age junk science” is the focus of this program.

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