Rich Hamel – Taijiquan teacher from Meriden, Connecticut
I have read every article, I learn so much from you and your writings. Love the videos about 1″ punch and the group holding you all around, You Taught me that, and I use that in my classes too. The 1″ strike works well. I learned that in 1969 from an actor I met at a seminar in NYC. His name was Bruce Lee. Also, in that class was an upstart named Chuck Norris. You have so much history in your life. Glad that you are sharing it with all of us.

Karen Glotzer – Author of Love and Tai Chi from Amazon books
Knowledge and experience is remarkable. I was astounded that every article in this publication touched upon the things I too think about and question. For example, the article on Qi validated many of my own conclusions. The inclusion of videos for illustration is a wonderful technique as well. Dr. Painter’s knowledge and experience are remarkable. Furthermore, Stephen Watson’s poem will be understood and appreciated by all martial artists. He is a “Shakespeare” of martial and meditative principles. Thank you to everyone involved who put this wonderful publication together.

Patricia Daugherty – Subscriber
I never want to be removed.  This is the best online magazine I have ever read.

prganci – Subscriber
The Mind is Your Best Weapon – A wonderful, informative and relevant article !!