Yixingong: Discover The Roots of Qi and Jin For Health and Martial Art

–Dr. John Painter PhD ND

Would you like to vastly improve the health and martial potential of your Taijiquan, Baguazhang or Xingyiquan practice or just understand how to use the mind to stimulate your brain and overall health? That is the subject of Dr. John Painter’s workshop on Li family Yixingong 意心功 (intention heart skills).

Power and energy are supposed to arise as a part of Taiji (tai chi), Bagua or Xingyi forms training. So why do so many continue seeking internal energy after years of practice? Dr. Painter knows the answer and he will show you how to start feeling the internal forces in your particular style of martial art the way it was intended to be felt by the masters who created the internal styles. Using the base principles of Li family art of Yixingong you will come to understand the true meaning and control the feelings of Nei-gong Jin  功勁 (inner skill force). These can then be applied to any martial art or healing practice.


Behind every legend and myth there are fundamental truths. In this program you will be shown how Qi  (energy / breath) and Jin (force) have been made hopelessly complicated and mired in myth and pseudo-science. Through understanding the role of Yi (intention) you will experience how to understand and activate these concepts so you feel the results almost immediately.

Yixingong is partly based upon the arts of the Great master Wang Xiangzhai王薌齋creator of Dachengquan 大成拳 (Great Achievement Boxing) or (Yiquan) believed the old adage, “The mind commands, the body responds and the Qi manifests”. Master Wang benefited from superlative health and vitality and was never defeated in martial arts contests, using this amazing art. The Li family of Sichuan province China studied these methods and modified them to suit their needs creating the new art of Yixingong.

During Dr. Painter’s program you will be shown how to use the Yi (intention mind) to influence your nervous and muscular systems to produce greater speed and power. Other benefits include enhanced sensitivity of both mind, hearing, sight and touch. Yixingong practice improves neurological function including strengthening brain and skeletal muscle synaptic response. Studies have shown it enhances development of speed for martial arts and that it can produce increases in muscle strength without progressive resistance exercise.

With this course you can develop internal power as well as mind-body healing potential. Any martial artist from any system can benefit from this training to improve overall power and speed.   If you are looking for internal power, greater energy and vitality, then this method will transform your art into what you have been seeking to attain. Put Internal Energy in Your Form with Yixingong.

Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Cost: $75.00 per person (Early Bird Registration by June 15th)
After June 15th at the Door $90.00 per person

Date: Friday 12th – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Registration at Door starts at 12:30

Place: Master Jou,Tsung Hwa’s Annual Birthday Celebration at Tai Chi Memorial Park
818 NJ-23, Wantage, NJ 07461

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$75.00 per person (Early Bird Registration by June 15th )

$90.00 per person (after June 15th or at the door)

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